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I’m a bi

I’m a 21 years old very nice and sociable young man. I’ve always known that I am bisexual and now I’ve been coming more and more out of the closet lately. My best guy friend knows that and he’s been very supportive in this and he suggests that I tell my other friends as well so that they can understand me better. I’m so afraid of confessing my real identity because these male friends are so important to me. I don’t want to cause them any bad thoughts or feelings. I just think they deserve to hear the truth. Are they going to support me or just walk away? I don’t even want to know and I’m so afraid. I’ve been mostly having sexual intercourse with women but had also sex with many men, even had a longer relationship with a guy. I’m not only interested about men but both genders. Is it that difficult to understand? I want both women and men.