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The Most Embarrassing Confessions

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A few years back in new years eve we went with couple of friends of mine to a home door of one of our school’s mockers. We checked through the window if there was anyone home and there the asshole was drinking with other bad boys of the school. We installed a huge firework into the post hole, fired it up and ran into the forest. We didn’t have time to watch what happened but after Christmas vacation we saw that some of the guys had bad burns on their faces and we heard that the house had been almost in fire, some paintings were ruined and some expensive vases had broken as well as some curtains had burned.

The guy who lived in the apartment swore that he would kill the ones who did it. I’m still a live. :)

He even suspected us for a moment but we had an “alibi”, we were “camping on our parents cottage”. I’m not the slightest bit ashamed! They got what they deserved.