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The Most Embarrassing Confessions

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May, 2009


I get very irritated from table drummers. Or any other drummers, such as a table, the thigh, behind the wheel, or any other drummers. Anyone who tries to make music with stupid drumming. I’m not sure, but I think that kind of drumming is about musical bragging. A similar display of desire than, let’s say, a man that brings the discussion up to their own educational level or wealth. This is really annoying habit that makes me wonder if I should join the drumming or beat the asshole. Another thing that really annoys me is American sitcom. I’m not going to go into that right now though.  


I hate my boyfriend

I hate my boyfriend. He’s such an asshole! He annoys me by nagging about everything and thinks that he’s the best snowboarder in the world. Many times he’s promised to be with me and to call me, and there’s no phone call. He’s snowboarding instead! “I went to snowboard instead and it was really cold”. I hate him so much! And I thought this was going to be the love story of all times. Not gonna happen! I’m trying to pick up another guy but I have no guts to leave this boyfriend of mine. I’m only 12 years old and this problem is big to me. I hate my boyfriend forever!